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Are You Losing Interest in Playing the Violin?

Can you still remember the thrill you felt the first time you held your violin and started playing it? Do you feel the same way now? If your answer is no and you think you’re losing interest in playing the violin, you might want to refuel and think about the exact reasons why you’re losing it. Once you have figured out the reasons, you can surely arrive with sound solutions. However, if you want to search for help, you came here just in time!

Reasons Why You’re Losing Interest in Playing the Violin

There are many factors that could contribute to why and how you lose interest in playing your instrument. Probably you are just having a hard time managing your time because you are preoccupied with other tasks. You might also find your routine practice boring and your violin as a hard-to-play instrument. But don’t worry because it’s relative to everyone. What’s more important is you know why, when, and how you started losing it so you know what to do.

Tips to Regain Your Passion in Playing the Violin

No matter what your reasons are, these tips can help you regain your interest in playing the violin.

Ask yourself why you fell in love with the violin

You might want to go back in time and reminisce about why you fell in love with such an instrument. You can list the reasons why you started exploring it in the first place such as its beautiful sound, unique body playability, and more. The nostalgia might inspire you to pursue playing the violin again.

Experiment on their electric counterpart

If you think the violin is becoming boring, then you can try to explore its electric counterpart. One counterpart of it is the electric violin, which is pretty incredible and worth it to explore. The best electric violin can give you another dimension to discover, especially its playability and accessories.

Look for people with the same interest as yours

Playing the violin alone could really bore you out. You can reach out to forums or groups where there are people who also play the violin. In this way, you can chat and even create a musical group to widen your experience in playing the violin.

Learn a new song

Since you already know how to play the violin, and the basics seem to be easy for you, why not apply them? You can learn a new song using your violin and you will surely enjoy it. You won’t even notice how time flies if you’re learning a specific song. You know, new challenges bring out the best in you.

Play your favorite piece

Every one of us has our favorite piece. You can pick your most favorite piece and use your violin to play it. By doing so, you can hear your all-time favorite through the music that you yourself have produced! Isn’t it exciting?

Key takeaways

Losing interest in some routinary things you do is pretty normal and understandable. However, you might lose yourself every time you think about the reasons why and your purpose of starting it in the first place. If you can pull yourself together and think of the possible steps so you can bring back the fire in you, then go ahead and do it. Violin won’t disappoint you and do not let that skill just get stagnant. Use it and take pride in it.

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