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Everything You Need To Know About Cool Jazz!

When we think of jazz, we often think of an exhilarating experience. However, did you know that there are two distinct ways of playing jazz. Besides the jazz we all know, there is cool jazz. Cool jazz became a genre of its own in 1950s, although it did exist from early on. Much like science, cool jazz is not about all that energy that we have come to associate with jazz in general. In more simpler terms, this is more about low(er) jazz in terms of energy. In this post, we are discussing why cool jazz is so cool.

The basics

Cool jazz came up as a milder reaction to high energy jazz. According to many, the genre can be credited to Miles Davis, who recordings continue to enthrall the lovers of jazz. Cool jazz works on the mind in a different way and is known to improve focus, promote creativity and reduce stress. If you are trying to concentrate on something or want to rethink your strategy about work, playing some cool jazz in the background is a great idea.

Traits of cool jazz

If you compare cool jazz with regular jazz, the differences are obvious. The restrained and relaxed music, which has a slow to medium tempo, is soothing and pleasing to the ears, even on days when you want to feel a bit of energy. Hot jazz, for instance, is typically played on/ahead the beat, but cool jazz is more about playing behind the beat. The use of low and medium registers is evident, with almost no use of vibrato. The melodies of cool jazz are smooth and lyrical, and not typically angular, and the use of silence just works wonders. This genre also involves less of improvisation and more of composition.

Where to enjoy cool jazz?

There are many jazz clubs in NYC and other cities that have events and performers who specialize in cool jazz. If you want to enjoy jazz, the right venue does make in impact, especially for something like cool jazz that’s meant to be enjoyed for a calming effect. Make sure to book the tickets in advance, and yes, do reach the venue in time to get a good seat.

On a boring evening, nothing really beats the calm of cool jazz, and watching the best artists performing live is an experience in itself in many ways. Check online now to find more on shows near you in NYC!

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