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Four Factors to Consider When Planning your Corporate Event Music

Music is a part of daily life. Technology, it has become possible to enjoy your favorite rhythm at any time because of new technologies. Music makes any event full of life and energy. That is why you will need to make music an integral part of your corporate event.  It should be a major part of the event planning process.

Below are some major points that must be deliberated during the process:


As you plan entertainment for your corporate event, you must consider your audience. You need to pick the kind of music that suits the taste and preference of most of your attendees. Think about their background, age, and gender preferences. Focus on making them feel comfortable with the live band of your choice putting together a customized playlist. Consider a mix of musical periods or genres.

Kind of Event and Formality Level

Every music genre has different associations. That is why you must pick one that will suit your event’s style. Also, consider the time of the day the event will take place. You can pick lighter background music if you are hosting a business luncheon but you may want to pick classical music for a formal evening reception. If you prefer a live band to play, reach out to the best at


Different music styles can fulfill different goals. Thus, you must identify the purpose you want the music to fulfill at the corporate event before you pick a genre. Think about switching music styles to the various stages of your event. The best live band should be able to play music of different genres. They know exactly to play during dinner to allow guests to communicate clearly.

Live vs. Recorded

Live music has a different impact on people than recorded music. Nothing compares to live performances where musicians interact with the audience and make them engaged. But, when you prefer live music, it comes with some restrictions. For instance, sound must be clear so make sure the venue allows this and it has all necessary A/V equipment. Make sure the surroundings fit the music presentation and genre. A jazz saxophonist might be lost in a big conference hall; however, might be the best option for an intimate dinner at a client winery.

As you weigh your options for musical entertainment, your budget will be a concern. While subscriptions to music libraries will certainly not break your bank, live music will make every penny worth it.

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