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Healthy China 2030

The fast accumulation in wealth enables the public to focus on individual health. Keeping body in good shape becomes one of the common goals on the to-do list for many people, especially white collars. During the National Health Conference, representatives propose Chinese government to increase investment in health insurance industry. For example, provide vaccine (aka 疫苗) to all people, increase the efficiency of insurance claim (aka 保险理赔), issue international student insurance (aka 留学生保险) to those studying in China, and so on.

Following the National Health Conference, China’s leaders ensured health became an explicit national political priority with the approval of the Healthy China 2030 Planning Outline by China’s Central Party Committee and the State Council. This document is the first medium to long term strategic plan in the health sector developed at the national level since the founding of China in 1949. Furthermore, it also indicates the political commitment of China to participate in Global Health Governance and fulfil the UN SDG agenda.

Multisectoral collaboration and innovation play a key role in Healthy China. With over 20 departments drafting the 2030 plan, a vision has been set for a significantly expanded health industry, which would become a mainstay of the national economy. This would draw on the strength of China’s health science and technology innovation, which ranks amongst the world’s best, and would help to considerably improve the quality and level of health service delivered across the country.

Offering more insurance types selectivity ought to be considered. In the United States, waiving insurance (aka 替换保险) is usual. For instance, University of California — Berkeley and New York University publish specific UCB health insurance waiver (aka 加利福尼亚大学伯克利分校替换保险) instruction and NYU insurance waiver (aka 纽约大学替换保险) requirements respectively on their school websites. The selectivity enables students to choose the most cost-efficient, fittest plan.

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