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How to find the best Guy Stripper in Nashville, Tennessee for Brides

So your best friend is getting married. The day has arrived and now you’re about to organize the bachelorette’s party. The bridesmaids are here and so is the bride, but what to do that everyone will like?

Male striptease, of course? What girl doesn’t love a hot man dancing in front of her? Girls will have a lovely time as everyone appreciates a great body. In this article, we’re talking about your options. We’ll tell you how to find the best male strippers in Nashville, Tennessee. Read on and find out!

Look it up on the internet

Look up on the internet and do it thoroughly. Everything you need to know is there, you just need to know where to look for. Every reliable information is there, but do you know what’s important and what’s not?

We’ll tell you what’s not important, that’s for sure – looking at positive comments on professional dancer’s profiles on social networks. Did it ever happen to you to go to a place that has good reviews and you spend a disastrous time? That’s because you ignored the negative reviews and only read the positive ones.

Every business and person on the internet have friends, family, and marketing personal behind them that writes only positive comments and give them 5 out of 5 stars about what they do. Even the worst person doing any job will have a 5-star rating from some person. Do you know who that person is? Their mother.

What you need to do is read the negative ones. If there are no negative comments and bad reviews then that means you’re looking at a good male stripper. In Nashville, there are lots of excellent dancers that will simply not going to disappoint you.

Pay attention to details. Read some of those eventual negative comments on some of the guys and see if that’s something that is a no-no for you. For example, what if few reviews say that the stripper was not particularly muscular and the bride actually wants a person like that. What if the bride hates a man that is looking like something went wrong with the steroids?

What is a flaw for someone might be a good thing for you. If this is what you’re looking for, you won’t need to meet every single one of them and ask them to take off their shirt. Of course, unless that’s something you’d like to do just for fun. Just be careful not be asked for money for trying a sample.

Look for a company rather than an individual

A lot of the male strippers work alone. They have no representative nor agent. This is not a bad thing but, in general, it’s always better to have someone guaranteeing for the service they provide. A company always have certain obligation toward their clients that they have to stick to. Take a look at this article for more on this.

Hiring a dancer is just like buying a telephone – you want it to work from the very first moment you turn it on and not going back to the store for additional work. Just, in this case, they are the ones that will turn you on.

There’s another issue when it comes to solo strippers – safety. Who can guarantee that the person coming over to your house is not a serial killer that no one managed to capture before and they make a massacre? We’re exaggerating, of course, but you don’t want someone with a criminal record messing with you and there’s no way to go to the police and ask if they were in jail previously, right?

On top of this, male strippers are always muscular and even a dozen of women won’t be able to confront them if there’s a need for this. Especially if your show requires more than one person. Just imagine, how are you going to solve a problem if the person becomes aggressive for some reason? There’s no one to call to help and you can’t ask for your money back from someone that is working alone.

Additional services

Unlike men, women rarely indulge in additional interaction with these persons. Professionals are only doing the dancing and they won’t accept anything illegal like taking money for sex services.

However, if that’s on your mind, kindly ask them what they think on this topic. The companies will most probably tell you that they don’t do anything like that, but you can never know. When it comes to individuals, chances are higher, but there’s another problem here that you need to mind.

It’s called who’s gay and who’s not. A lot of these male strippers are gay. We all know how gay people love dancing and many of them found a way to materialize this. For them, dancing in front of women is nothing new but if you ask them for something additional, they might tell you that they don’t do anything like that with women.

Don’t get it as a late surprise. It’s better if you ask them upfront so that you know what you can expect. Also, tell the girls about it so that they don’t do something that will make them embarrassed later. We all want to have a good time here. However, know that prostitution is illegal in the US. Read more about it here:


Now you know where and how to find the best guy striptease dancers in Nashville, Tennessee. Know that the search won’t be easy but it will pay off later. If you just accept the idea that a dancer is a dancer, you might end up with some guy who doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Looking for experienced professionals should be on top of your priorities. Accept nothing but the best because this way you, the bridesmaids, and the bride itself will be completely satisfied. You’ll surely remember that day for the rest of your lives and this bachelorette party will be known as the greatest of all times.

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