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Top Auction Experiences That Will Elevate Your Fundraising Event

Are you planning a fundraising event? Are you still at a loss as to how you will be raising the money you need for a cause that is close to your heart?

To ensure success for your fundraising endeavors, it pays to think outside of the box. There are fresh ideas that can help you achieve the results you are aiming for.

Experience the Difference

If you want to set your fundraising event apart from all the others out there, then you must have something new or unique to offer. True, such charitable events have one goal in mind – to raise money for a specific cause – but this does not mean that you should run your event exactly the way fundraisers have been done for ages.

Fundraising activities can take on many forms, and one option is to stage an auction. Auctions typically sell rare or unique items such as paintings, sculptures, signed souvenirs, and other collectibles to the highest bidders. However, you should not be confined to auctioning off these kinds of physical items and nothing else.

One innovative idea for raising bids and making your event more exciting is to auction off travel trips or tickets  that will bring the winning bidders a truly rewarding experience. Experiences can offer more emotional engagement to your target market. These rewards, such as concert tickets or domestic travel auction packages, create a lasting impression as well as forge positive associations with the group that provided it.

It must be noted that creating a menu of these experiences must be done with great care. Make sure to carefully consider the audience and the theme of the auction. You don’t want to just throw in random experiences just because they sound interesting on paper. A reputable auction management group can certainly lend their expertise and experience in crafting an appropriate list of auction experiences that match the objectives and concept of your fundraising activity. They can take into account what your attendees are interested in and are willing to spend at an auction.

Here are some examples of the most sought-after experiences for auctioning off that will surely rock your fundraising event:

1. Adventures

Life is one big adventure. If your theme is about adrenaline-pumping activities and your audience is highly interested in these, then you can definitely look into auctioning off adventure experiences.

Give your winning bidders some splendid time aboard a racing yacht or a chance to fish in scenic lakes with ice-capped mountains in the background. Give them an opportunity to conquer the fast and furious lane with a thrilling exotic sports car ride. Take their adrenaline levels sky-high as they engage in a fighter pilot experience. Moreover, send them for an out-of-this-world experience during a weekend spent on astronaut training.

Whether on water, land, or air, there’s a world of options for experiences that can help you raise the funds you need.

2. Award Shows and Concerts

For art and music aficionados, auctioning off exclusive tickets, VIP passes, or backstage experiences at awards shows and music events can make bidders raise their paddles as quickly as you can say “Lady Gaga.”

Shower your bidders with some glitz and glam as you usher in a roster of activities that feature music icons, popular celebrities, and award shows that leave the whole world agog with excitement.

3. Gustatory Delights

Delight your fundraiser guests with culinary experiences that will leave them wanting more.

Sate their appetite for fine dining at a five-star restaurant or quench their thirst for quality Napa Valley wines. Take their curious palates on a gastronomic trip to the infamous Pike Place Market, the French Quarter, or to a food and beverage festival in New York. Slake their hunger for the culinary arts and learn about good food under the tutelage of blue-ribbon chefs.

Whether it’s an intimate date in a top-notch dining destination or a chance to learn from the culinary masters, these experiences will certainly be a delectable treat.

4. Sporting Events

If your crowd is the athletic type, there are also a range of sports events and sporting activities to auction off.

Let them practice their swings at a golf getaway of their choice. Be it on the rolling hills of Aspen, the breathtaking scenery of Bermuda, or the near-sacred links of St. Andrews in Scotland, the choice is theirs to perfect their game to a tee.

There can also be an array of sporting events – from baseball, basketball, or even the Indy 500 – where they get choice seats and jaw-dropping experiences.

5. Travel Incentives

Satisfy your bidders’ sense of wonder as they wander the world through the travel packages that you auction off.

From having dinner and a show on Broadway to living it up on a private estate in Costa Rica, your winning bidders will surely feel like they’ve hit the jackpot. From jetting off to domestic destinations within the United States to crossing oceans and exploring other sensational global sites, they will surely have a world of fun.

A Cause for Celebration

Coveted experiences will truly lend a more rewarding touch to your charity auction. These events, especially when organized and managed by a reliable team of auction management experts, will effectively engage your guests and spur them to action. With a selection of wonderful activities available to them, they will surely have reason to celebrate for a cause.



Darran Brown is the CEO and Founder of Go Charity. A graduate of UMASS Amherst, Darran has spent the last 20 years managing auctions across the United States. Having run some of the most successful live and silent auctions in the US, Darran has the insider know-how to every aspect of the industry. From memorabilia to trips and experience hospitality to fundraising 101, Darran is the leading expert on auction management and fundraising success.


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